Ayanna says she’s convinced she’s the reincarnation of Pocahontas. The 24-year-old says not only is Pocahontas her thirteenth great-grandmother, but they also share similar facial features. Ayanna says she feels like Pocahontas is sharing her body and that she is a “portal for divine intervention.”

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Her parents, Robert and Robin, say they are concerned about their daughter’s behavior and fear she is mentally ill.

WATCH: 24-Year-Old Reveals To Parents That She Believes She’s The Reincarnation Of Pocahontas

In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews a list of Ayanna’s behaviors that Robert and Robin say are problematic for them, and hear about her tumultuous relationship with her father. Does Ayanna take any ownership? Plus, Dr. Phil weighs in and challenges Ayanna’s claims. Is she willing to reexamine her beliefs?

This episode airsThursday. Watch more here.

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