Crystal claims she has medical evidence that her ex-boyfriend, Anthony, sexually assaulted their 3-year-old daughter, Marie, at least twice in 2016. Her mother, Barbara, says that based on what Marie has told her, she is “1,000% sure” that Anthony sexually assaulted the toddler.

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Anthony, who adamantly denies the allegations claims that Barbara has been “brainwashed” by Crystal and that the two of them are coaching his daughter into claiming he did.

Dr. Phil asks Barbara “Is it possible you’re wrong?”

“No,” she replies.

When he says “Then there’s no point in talking to you. You might as well leave,” how does Barbara respond?

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This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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Mom’s Claim That Medical Records ‘Prove’ Toddler Was Sexually Assaulted Called Into Question