Cathy and Randy claim their daughter, Taylor’s, life has been turned upside down after being cyber-bullied and repeatedly hacked for years. They say Taylor is homeless, broke and doing drugs, and claim her relationship with her boyfriend, Anthony, is partly to blame.

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Cathy says she doesn’t trust Anthony and Randy claims he’s a “loser,” who tells Taylor what to say and do.

“This is not your fan club over here,” Dr. Phil tells Anthony, on Thursday’s episode. “They feel like you are adding to the problem, and not being part of the solution. So, what do you say about all that?”

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“Well, I don’t really agree with a lot of the things that were said. That I got Taylor into a lot of these bad things,” replies Anthony, who claims his iCloud account has also been hacked.

Cathy and Randy, along with Anthony’s mother, Angela, all say they received copies of a sex tape which Taylor and Anthony admit they made, but adamantly deny posting anywhere online.

“So you know you’re being hacked, and you make a sex tape and put it on the iCloud, knowing you’re being hacked?” asks Dr. Phil.

When he asks the couple whether they were high when they made the recording, how do they respond?

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Why A Mom Says She Believes ‘Death Or Prison’ Are The Only Choices Left In Her Son’s Life