Sasha says she still considers her ex-fiancé to be the love of her life, even though he abandoned her on their wedding day. She says he’s since apologized and claims he still wants to marry her.

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Sasha’s friends and family say they want her to forget about her ex and move on, but she says she’s conflicted. She says they were together for 10 years, he’s the only man she’s ever had a “real” relationship with, and she insists she still loves him.

WATCH Man Abandons Bride On Their Wedding Day But She Says, ‘I Still Consider My Fiancé The Love Of My Life’

“You are grieving the man you wish he was, not the man he is,” Dr. Phil tells Sasha in the video above.

When he suggests that Sasha take some time to date other people before she considers going back to her ex, how does she respond?

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