Michelle says when she returned from her annual birthday trip to the Grenadines in December, she was very sick. She says she was coughing and couldn’t sleep, and attributed it to pneumonia, which she has had numerous times before. However, when her friend, who is working on a clinical trial at UCLA, asked her to have her blood tested for COVID-19 antibodies, she learned she had been infected with the coronavirus.

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“I came back with the antibodies. I was absolutely shocked,” Michelle says.

Now, Michelle is participating in a clinical trial at UCLA, where her plasma is being studied to possibly be used to help treat COVID-19. “From what I understand, they can actually divide out my plasma across many uses, one of them will be to treat very critical COVID-19 patients,” she tells Dr. Phil in the video above from Wednesday’s episode. "They say my antibodies can either stop the COVID in its tracks or actually even help them heal further.”

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