After agreeing that her ex-boyfriend, Robert, would take their 1-year-old daughter with him to Michigan “for the time being,” Ashley claimed Robert “kidnapped” the child and kept her for five years.

Robert adamantly denies he “kidnapped” the child, and insists Ashley knew where to find them. He claims that Ashley didn’t want anything to do with their daughter until she started hearing what he says were false stories of abuse from the grandmother of Robert’s current girlfriend’s son.

Ashley was granted physical custody and finally reunited with her now 6-year-old daughter and has taken the child back to Nevada where she lives. Now, she and Robert can’t agree on what’s best for their little girl.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil implores the parents to calm the chaos and stop dragging their daughter into the middle of their fighting.

“You both have a whole lot of sin here, on both sides of this deal,” Dr. Phil tells the parents. “I’m about unification of families. For this little girl to grow up without her daddy in her life would be a tragedy.”

He encourages the exes to develop a co-parenting plan they can agree on, so both parents can play an active role in their daughter’s life.

“I want you in her life,” Dr. Phil tells Robert. “But to do that, you need to grow up, mature up and figure out what you need to do to broker a peace here.”

To Ashley, Dr. Phil says, “You need to be a good steward of this conservatorship you have because if you’re not doing what you need to get her daddy in her life, then you’re doing the same thing that he was doing when he had control. And you would be just as guilty as he was.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, “I Believe My Ex-Boyfriend Kidnapped Our Daughter and Kept Her For Five Years!” airs Wednesday. Watch more here.