Jennifer Asbenson says when she got off work early one morning, she accepted a ride home from a stranger who had given her a ride to work the day before. She says before they got far, he confronted her about giving him a fake number the day before and “freaked out.”

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“The next thing I knew, he was pulling over. I saw a gun. I saw a knife and [he] grabbed me by the back of my hair and just shoved me into the dashboard. And then, he grabbed twine out and pulled my hands behind my back and started twining my hands,” she recalls. She says he then cut her underwear and bra off and started strangling her. “He pulled me out of the car, pushed me back on the ground. He opened the door over there and popped the trunk, and he got the gun, and he shoved it into my throat, and then he just moved the gun and grabbed me, and just pulled me to the trunk, and he slammed it shut and just drove off.”

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Hear how Asbenson, who was 19 at the time, freed her hands and escaped the trunk of the car, in the video above. And, hear what happened when she started running for her life.

Asbenson got away from the man, serial killer Andrew Urdiales, but eight other women weren’t as lucky. Urdiales’ reign of terror lasted from 1986-1996 in California and Illinois.

On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Jennifer, who wrote the book The Girl in the Treehouse about her escape and other emotional trauma she faced growing up, says her nightmare didn’t end when she was rescued. Check here to see where you can watch.

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