Dani and her husband, Kelly, have been married for nine years and have three young children. Dani says Kelly works seven days a week leaving her with 99 percent of the parenting duties, and that the stress of life is aging her faster than she would prefer.

“I’m seeing the signs of aging on my face because of my demanding life,” says 30-year-old Dani. “I’m noticing fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead, around my eyes and mouth.”

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“I know every mother can be stressed, and we also feel a lot of guilt,” Robin McGraw says to Dani. “My wish for you is that you make the decision I made when I was your age and that is to put yourself first and to really believe it is not selfish to do that.”

Robin says she believes feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside go hand-in-hand, and that’s why she created the Robin McGraw Revelation Luxury Skincare Line. She suggests three products from the line that may help to bring new life to Dani’s skin. The be the brightest one in the room 3-Step Brightening System, contains: let there be bright!; twinkle twinkle you’re a star!; and starlight, face bright.

“These products have gone all the way to the highest level of pharmaceutical ingredients you can get without a prescription,” Dr. Phil says.

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Linda, who has been using the 3-Step Brightening Trio for two months, shows off her results.

Along with the Trio, Robin gives Dani The Bow Ring, a special midi-ring she designed. “I wear it every day so I never forget how important it is to take care of myself, and I want you to never forget, either,” she says to Dani.

And because Dani and Kelly never had a honeymoon, Dr. Phil and Robin surprise the couple with a trip to Jamaica!

In honor of Mother’s Day, The Bow Ring is 50 percent off the entire month of May – and is now available for worldwide shipping. Use code MAY4ME at checkout to activate the promotion. For more information about the 14 products in the Robin McGraw Revelation Luxury Skincare Line and The Bow Ring, visit RobinMcGrawRevelation.com.

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