Jerica says she lost custody of her son several years ago because of her drug addiction. “My drug use became pretty bad,” she admits. She claims her dependence began with an Oxycodone prescription she was given to deal with the pain of “the very difficult birth” of her child. “I was also consumed with post-partum depression.” Jerica says her doctor prescribed Klonopin, which she also says she abused. “Things quickly spiraled out of control.”

Jerica’s ex-husband says her addiction led to the end of their relationship. “We had a lot of problems in our marriage and we thought it was better to go our separate ways,” says Kody. He says he then grew worried about their son who was living with Jerica. One day, while was visiting Jerica’s home, Kody claims he found drug paraphernalia. “I immediately thought I had to get my son out of the house.”

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“Eventually Kody was given full custody,” says Jerica. After losing her parental rights, she says, “I went off the deep end,” claiming she quickly became a heroin addict.

About a year later, she says, Kody’s new wife, Kim, formally adopted the child. Now Jerica is claiming Kim and Kody “stole” her son from her.

Four years after having her rights as a parent terminated, Jerica says Kody and Kim have allowed her to re-establish a relationship with her (now) 8-year-old son. She claims Kim has told her the child is “troubled” and told Jerica she “can’t deal with him anymore.” Tune in to Dr. Phil on Thursday for the full episode unfold.

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