Crystal claims her daughter, Marie, was sexually abused in 2016 at age 3 by Crystal’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony. She claims not only to have medical proof but also video recordings of the child talking about the alleged abuse.

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Anthony emphatically denies Crystal’s accusations. He claims she’s been coaching their daughter to say he assaulted her.

In reviewing Crystal’s accusations against Anthony, Dr. Phil questions what he says are contradictions in her timeline of the alleged events, and a lack of proof in both the medical and police records she has provided.

“Everything that you’ve done, involved in this situation, is inconsistent with the mother of a child that has been traumatized in this way,” Dr. Phil says in the conclusion of this two-part episode airing Wednesday.

“I’ll take a polygraph right now,” says Crystal, who insists she’s telling the truth.

How does she respond when Dr. Phil tells her “Well, you actually kind of did”?

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This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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Today's Takeaway: Investigating Sexual Abuse Allegations