Donna, her husband, Ivy, and their children, Arielle, Elle, and Michael, have come to Dr. Phil for help repairing their family relationships. Arielle, 32, says she has struggled with dependency on heroin for over a decade.

Arielle says that she hasn’t put a needle in her arm for over a year but admits she snorted heroin four to five weeks before meeting Dr. Phil. She admits to regularly drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana - a blend of CBD and THC - with her mother.

“We enable each other,” she says.

Donna’s younger children, Elle and Michael, say that her focus on Arielle has caused them to feel neglected. Donna claims she didn’t realize the time she spent on Arielle’s situation negatively impacted her other kids. Ivy says that because Donna and Arielle are so close, it makes him feel like an outsider in his marriage.

Dr. Phil asks each of his guests to do a two-page writing assignment detailing “the story I will tell myself if I don’t create value from this opportunity” to be completed before they return the next day. Ivy explains why opted out of the assignment and walks off the stage but later returns.

Arielle says she knows that Ivy is not her biological father based on a DNA test she took and says, “It is important for me to know the truth from my mother for me to move on with my life and know who I am.”

How will Donna respond?

Watch the recap of parts one and two of this three-part episode, “Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 1,” and “Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 2,” then tune in on Wednesday for the conclusion, “Secrets, Addictions And Lies: Can This Family Heal?”

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