Aja claims her mom, Janet, is lazy, selfish and a “mooch.” She says Janet, who is a self-described recovering drug addict, has lived with her and her husband, Andy, on and off for eight of the 10 years they’ve been married. She says Janet won't’ get a job, doesn’t help much around the house, doesn’t respect boundaries, and complains about helping to care for Aja’s children.

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Andy says Aja wants so badly to have a relationship with her mother that she’s willing to do “Just about anything” for her. He claims that Janet is a “free-loader” and says he doesn’t think it’s OK for Aja to be supporting her, “When my mother-in-law has never done anything for my wife.”

Janet says she knows Andy wants to kick her out but claims Aja would never let that happen.

Aja’s sister, Ashley, claims Aja is enabling their mother. She says it’s time for Janet to get a job and a place of her own, and stop living off Aja.

What does Aja say she thinks will happen to her relationship with Janet if her mother doesn’t learn how to live independently? 

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