Tim says he is outraged with his ex-wife, Danielle, because he claims she ‘brainwashed’ their daughter Brittany into thinking that he molested her.

“I have never inappropriately touched my daughter in any way. I would not do that,” Tim declares. “Brittany’s mom planted these thoughts into her head because Danielle was still very bitter over the divorce. Danielle has even gone as far as to contact my current wife, telling her that I was a child molester and that I sold cocaine, to try and ruin my current marriage. It’s just beyond comprehension.”

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Tim explains that Brittany was molested by Danielle’s former fiance when she was a toddler and he says he believes his daughter has been “confusing those memories.”

“When they first made these accusations, I was totally blindsided by that,” Tim says. “I have three other daughters and two that I have adopted, and none of them have ever said that I have done anything like this.”

Tim says there was no proof and was never charged.

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Tim says that before Brittany made the accusations, the two were close and Brittany often spent summers at his home with her other siblings. Now estranged, Tim blames Danielle for their ruined relationship.

“Danielle is going above and beyond trying to destroy me, and she should have to pay for her lies,” Tim says.

When Tim comes face to face with Danielle for the first time in three years on Dr. Phil’s stage, Dr. Phil asks him, “Have you molested your daughter?” Hear his response in the video above. And, Tim agrees to take a polygraph to help clear his name. On Friday’s show, see what happens. Check here to see where you can watch.