Kayleigh says she hates everything about her body and spends every waking minute obsessing about why she’s not pretty, like other women.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: I'm Living A Nightmare!

Her boyfriend, Bradley, claims, Kayleigh is “deeply immersed” in her body dysmorphia, and that’s undermining their relationship.

“When Kayleigh’s body dysmorphia takes over, her personality completely switches to the dark side,” says Bradley. “She becomes extremely controlling and paranoid.”

He claims that it’s her obsession with other women on his social media has really put a strain on their romance. He says she constantly accuses him of cheating, “And that’s totally not true.”

“I’m jealous of everyone,” says Kayleigh on Wednesday’s Dr. Phil. She admits she’s had Bradley delete other females from his social media - including women he's known for years -- just to make herself feel better.

What does Bradley say happened on their way to see Dr. Phil that nearly got them both kicked off the plane?

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