Dean says he was scrolling through social media when a person who said they were country singer Miranda Lambert reached out to him. He says he was so flattered by the attention, he began to send money. 

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“She wanted help with getting a briefcase out of some storage place, and the company was closing up. She wanted $2,000 from me. I couldn’t come up with $2,000. The most I could get was $1,500, and I sent it to her in gift cards,” Dean says. “'Miranda' was going to pay me back in checks. I tried cashing them, and that’s how I found out they were fraudulent. I started figuring out that they were scams.”
Dean says now he can’t get Miranda Lambert out of his head. “I guess you could say I was kind of dating her, yeah,” Dean claims. “I am head over heels in love with Miranda Lambert, even now. She’s beautiful, even though I’m married.”

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Hear more from Dean in the video above. And, hear what his wife, Shirley, says about his behavior and how it’s affecting their marriage.
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