After suffering eight miscarriages, Marty says her dream of being a mother finally came true with the birth of her son. However, that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when she took her infant to the emergency room, where Marty was accused of physically abusing her 16-week-old baby boy. Several days later, she was arrested.

But, Marty – who was charged with felony and misdemeanor child abuse – insists she would never hurt her child.

“I never have been an abusive person and, for sure, never hurt my son,” she says. “I’ve been wrongfully accused of hurting my son.”

Marty says that she had taken her then 4-month-old son to the hospital after she noticed a “popping feeling” in his side when she lifted him from his crib.

When Marty and her fiancé, Derrick, got to the hospital, it was discovered the baby had suffered multiple fractured ribs, and had a mark on his shoulder, which some authorities claimed was a bite mark.

“Shortly thereafter, the social worker for the hospital came in, and she looked right at us and said, ‘I know that you guys abused your son,’” Marty explains on Thursday’s Dr. Phil. “The police came. The detective screamed at me, he cursed at me and he told me I was the worst [expletive] mother he had ever seen.”

Authorities stepped in, and Marty and Derrick say they were not permitted to leave the hospital with their son. It’s now been 19 months since the child was initially removed from their care.

However, Marty insists it wasn’t physical abuse which caused her baby’s injuries. She says there was a legitimate medical reason – that the child was eventually diagnosed with a metabolic bone disease, rickets, which causes bone fragility due to a Vitamin D deficiency.

“The fractures that he had were from normal handling,” she explains, adding that the couple had no idea the baby’s ribs were broken and they had been to 11 doctor visits between the time he was born and the time he was taken away. “We did baby wear him. We would wear him multiple ways. We would swaddle him. He would scream when we would put him in his car seat. Now, we know he was in pain.”

Marty now wants to clear her name – and, more importantly, get her baby back.

“I tried for 10 years to have a baby. I had eight miscarriages to try and carry my son. This is my miracle baby,” she pleads. “We have missed out on moments that nothing in the world could ever replace. We’ve been wronged. Nobody can give us this back.”