Anna Lisa has been caring for her daughter, Amanda’s, two small children since Child Protective Services removed them from Amanda and her fiancé, Alexis’ care. Anna Lisa says she doesn’t feel that either Amanda or Alexis are fit to take care of their kids. She claims that Alexis and Amanda are in a “toxic relationship.”

“My daughter, Amanda, does whatever her fiancé tells her to do,” says Anna Lisa, claiming that Alexis is abusive to Amanda.”

The couple admits that their arguments sometimes get physical but vehemently deny Anna Lisa's claim of abuse.

“Do you think that the children have been traumatized by this?” Dr. Phil asks Anna Lisa in the video above.

Watch the recap from part one of this two-part episode, "My Daughter Needs To Leave Her Horrible Fiancé!" above to hear Anna Lisa’s response. Then, in Tuesday’s conclusion, Accusations of Drugs, Abuse and Child Neglect: Will Amanda and Alexis Stay Together? do Amanda and Alexis say they’ll follow Dr. Phil’s recommended path to regain custody of their kids?

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WATCH: Couple Denies Claim Of Abuse While Admitting Their Arguments Sometimes Turn Physical

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