Kristine claims that her daughter, Shaina, is delusional, and a danger to her children, which Shaina denies. She says that Shaina’s behavior has been “very bizarre” for quite some time.

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“A few months ago, I had to call the police. Shaina posted a picture of herself saying she was poisoning her roommate with some white powder in his drink,” claims Kristine, adding that “Her roommate took her to court and got a restraining order against her.”

“I really hadn’t put anything in the drink,” says Shaina, who claims her mother is trying to sabotage her life. She claims she made the post to social media thinking that Kristine would tell the roommate, “and then I’d say, ‘See, she was on my friends list, I knew it,’ or ‘I have a spy.’”

When Kristine claims that Shaina says she believes in fairies, and is under the control of a self-proclaimed “spiritual psychic medium” named Dennis, how does Shaina respond?

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