Melinda claims her daughter, Cassidy is “aggressive," "abusive” and “totally out of control.” She claims that one minute, they can get along great, and the next, the 18-year-old is calling her names like “whore, bitch and slut.” She claims Cassidy has assaulted her 10 times and that the police have been called 200 times in the last three years. 

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Cassidy, however, says her mother is “aggressive” and “intimidating,” and claims Melinda has been violent toward her.

Melinda says much of the trouble with Cassidy started a few years ago when the teen had a party at their house and 100 people showed up.

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“The police described it as a riot,” Melinda says. “My neighbors thought I was dead.”

In the video above, hear what happened during the party and why there was $33,000 in damage. Why does Cassidy say it was the “worst thing that could have ever happened to me”?

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more about this mother-daughter relationship and why Dr. Phil tells Melinda she needs to learn how to re-parent Cassidy. Check here to see where you can watch.

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