Zachary, 19, was sitting in his car in a parking lot when police approached him during what they claim was an attempted marijuana sting in Seneca, SC on July 26, 2015. Authorities reportedly claimed that Zachary tried to run over the officer with his car, so the officer opened fire in self-defense, shooting Zachary twice and killing him.


“We were told that Zach was shot in the chest. Something wasn’t quite right,” says Zachary’s mom, Angie. “We went to the coroner’s office, and we found out that that was not the case.”


Angie says she and her husband were determined to find out what really happened during their son’s final moments of life.


“My husband and I went through hell and back to find the truth,” she says.


In the video above, Angie recalls their struggle and how they say they finally determined what happened to their son.


“I knew the police had lied,” she says. “The video proved that my son did not try to run the officer over and that he should be alive.”


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