Brandi says when she met Max he swept her off her feet and they got married within 10 months of meeting. She says she thought Max was her “knight in shining armor” and that they had the perfect family with her three daughters, until she learned that her husband of less than a year had been cheating on her throughout their relationship.

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“I found out Max had dating profiles on at least a couple of websites. He would explain his way out of a lot of things,” Brandi says. “Seven months into marriage, I saw where he directly asked a woman to go out of town with him. I knew he was cheating on me.”

Brandi says that Max admitted to being unfaithful.

“He says he’s cheated with approximately eight women. He was having sex with random women in their cars,” she says. “Once the truth started to come out, I realized that I didn’t really know him at all.”

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Max, who says he has a problem with lying, admits he hasn’t been honest with Brandi from the beginning of their relationship.

“I feel like I’ve been catfished to my face,” Brandi says turning to Dr. Phil for help. “I do wonder if Max is just a liar and a cheater and will never change.”

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In the video above, hear what Brandi says are more of the lies that Max has told her. And on Wednesday's episode, hear from Max. What’s behind his behavior? Can – and should – this marriage be saved? Check here to see where you can watch.

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