Nick Gordon is opening up about the events that unfolded the night his former girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina Brown went into a coma.

In part two of his exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, airing Friday, Gordon says Bobbi Kristina had gotten upset over the fact that Gordon had gone out to a bar “with some friends.”

“She heard some female voices in the background and she thought I was with girls,” Gordon tells Dr. Phil. “She was like, ‘You need to come home.’”

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Gordon says when he returned home, the couple got into a “slight argument,” but then “we cleared things up.”

“And you say even then, she’s really messed up?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Oh yeah. Sauced,” Gordon says, adding that when he left Bobbi Kristina in the bedroom, she was “doing her own thing.”

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Gordon then says he went downstairs to play video games and it wasn’t until their friend, Max, went upstairs and began to yell for help that Gordon knew something was wrong.

“He’s [yelling], ‘Nick! Nick! Nick!,” Gordon recalls.

“You race into that room. Now Nick, you’ve got to help me here,” Dr. Phil says. “You walk through that door and you see her much like you saw Whitney.”

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“It was literally, it was a nightmare all over again,” Gordon says.

Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil for part one of the shocking, tell-all interview with Nick Gordon. Part two airs Friday.