Angie claims starting when she was 17, her stepfather, Ralph, constantly groped her, pushed himself up against her and talked about sex constantly. She claims that after her daughter, Hannah, was born, Ralph - who is not Hannah’s biological father - pressured her into putting his name on the birth certificate. After that, she claims, not only did Ralph increase his sexual advances on her, but also began molesting young Hannah.

On Monday’s Dr. Phil, Hannah also alleges Ralph molested her, claiming - among other things - that they would play something called “the naked game,” and that he would touch her inappropriately while bathing with her in the tub.

Ralph vehemently denies molesting either woman.

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Hannah claims her grandmother, Leta, was often present when the abuse occurred, something Leta insists is not true. “She would sometimes be in the bathroom with us. Or she would – he would get hungry while in the bathtub so she would leave the bathroom for a little bit to go make him a salad,” says Hannah.

Angie claims she told Leta to stop letting Ralph bathe with Hannah, but says because he was on the child’s birth certificate - he held all the power. “If I left, he threatened that I could not take Hannah with me – that he was going to keep her.”

Eventually Angie did move out of the home, and took Hannah with her. But, she says, she was forced into giving Ralph visitation of the child while he tried to sue her for custody, and she claims the abuse continued. “I know my mom heard things. I know she saw things. And that was when I said – never again.”

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Monday. This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised. Check here for your local listing.

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Woman Claims Grandma Enabled Step-Grandfather’s Alleged Abuse. 'She Allowed Things To Happen Because She Didn’t Speak Up About It'