Nearly three years after TanaCon, Michael Weist, who organized the failed social media influencer convention, says that everything that could have gone wrong did. He says he knows he made mistakes and that he’s sorry, but that there is only so much reparation he can make. Michael says that because of the failure of TanaCon, he is in financial ruin, his reputation has been destroyed, and that he is cyberbullied daily.

Phil is the former creative director for Michael’s company. He claims that because of “greed,” Michael defrauded people during TanaCon. He’s also accusing Michael of embarrassing and verbally abusing the people who work for him.

“I’ve seen him make multiple employees cry,” says Phil of his 24-year-old former boss.

“If I say anything, you know that it’s only to drive my employees,” says Michael, disputing Phil’s claims of verbal abuse.

When Dr. Phil says, “Sometimes, having a lot of success early can come before maturity that rolls along with it,” how does Michael respond?

And later, hear from a current co-worker Taylor, who insists that Michael has learned from his past missteps. Then, Michael’s former roommate weighs in with allegations that he has emotionally and financially mistreated her for years.

Watch Tuesday’s conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, “More Allegations Against TanaCon Organizer Michael: How Will He Respond?” Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

WATCH: ‘I Was Getting Death Threats,’ Claims Organizer Of A Failed 2018 Influencer Convention

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