Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne moved into a motel room with two virtual strangers after her parents, Marcia and Greg, say they kicked her out of the family home for disrespecting them and breaking their rules.

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Now, they say their daughter’s new roommates are a prostitute and a pimp, and claim Cheyenne has been prostituting herself, as well.

WATCH: 'My Teenage Daughter Moved Into A Motel With A Pimp And A Prostitute'

But Cheyenne contends she isn’t a prostitute because she isn’t having sex. “I’m not full service,” says the young woman, who also claims to make about $150 per massage.

When asked about the services she offers, Cheyenne says while many of her clients just want a regular massage, some do expect a “happy ending” and are willing to pay more to get it. “It is sexual,” Cheyenne admits, but denies what she is doing amounts to prostitution. “It’s just – hands only – strictly.”

Dr. Phil challenges the teenager, asking: “How is that not prostitution? Sex for money?”

Dr. Phil shows Cheyenne a copy of the prostitution laws in her state which clearly makes it a crime to handle sexual organs for the purpose of sexual gratification, something Cheyenne claims she didn’t know.

In the video above, an emotional Marcia pleads with her daughter, “What you’re doing is wrong.” Cheyenne’s parents say they’re worried she’ll end up in jail.

Is Cheyenne is ready to stop being a teenage masseuse? And can Dr. Phil help this family before something terrible happens? Click here to see where you can watch Thursday's Dr. Phil.

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