Xavier claims his two adult sons, 23-year old Jonas and 21-year old Tristan, are destructive, violent, use drugs and steal from him. He claims he spends most of his time isolated in his bedroom with baseball bats for protection because he’s frightened of them.

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Jonas and Tristan, who live with Xavier, admit to smoking marijuana, vandalizing the house and stealing from their dad, but deny being violent toward him. They claim Xavier is a bully who starts fights with them when he isn’t hiding in his bedroom, ignoring them.

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“Do you harbor resentment toward him?” Dr. Phil asks the brothers on Thursday’s episode.

“No. I don’t,” Tristan answers.

“There’s a lot of trauma that I’ll just never get over,” responds Jonas.

Continuing he says, “Deep down inside, you know I’m mad at him, but I do love him. But I don’t think that deep down inside – that he loves me anymore.”

Jonas says he can see that he’s going get kicked out of his father’s house, and could end up either homeless or in prison.

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When Dr. Phil asks him what he wants to do with his life, how does the 23-year-old respond?

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