Collette’s daughters Tywanda and Tiffany say their mother is a financially abused woman who is struggling to make ends meet after falling victim to a timeshare scam. Collette admits she’s sent over $200,000 to a man calling himself “Attorney Carlos” in Mexico City to try to secure a $38,580 settlement money she says he claimed she is entitled to from a class-action suit involving the timeshare she owns in Cabo San Lucas.

“These things happen every day,” says Dennis Beaver, an attorney and newspaper columnist from Bakersfield, California. He says he’s dealt with numerous timeshare fraud cases over the years. “These people are very good at what they do.”

Watch the video above to hear what Dennis says he often recommends the families of individuals targeted by scammers consider doing to prevent their loved ones from being further victimized.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “An International Timeshare Scam is Bankrupting Our Mom!” airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where you can watch.

Dennis Beaver is an attorney and newspaper columnist from Bakersfield, California. He writes the syndicated newspaper column “You and The Law.”

If you live in the U.S. and believe you have been the victim of a timeshare scam via the internet, visit the FBI’s special website: to file a complaint.

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