Every year, romance scams take more and more money from vulnerable victims. But there are red flags to watch for and steps you can take to keep you or a loved one from possible heartbreak and financial ruin.
Start with these steps that are free and can be done from home:

  • Reverse image search all images on search engines.
  • Look for clues in photos, including objects, logos, branding, locations, landmarks, and other identifiable people.
  • Check all social media profiles of the individual, how many followers he/she has, and where followers are from.
  • If an individual presents themself as a lawyer, search the name in the specific state’s bar association to see if he/she has an active license to practice.


“All these things, anyone can do from home with access to the internet, Google, social media platforms,” says Dr. Phil producer Andrea. “People can start researching any red flag that they find, and if they sense that something’s off, start digging.”
Watch more tips in the video above from Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “In Love or In Denial?”
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