Julianne says her relationship with her 24-year-old daughter, Mariah, has been strained ever since Mariah began dating 35-year-old Leighton, four years ago. She claims Leighton is a pathological liar and a con artist with a criminal record. She also claims Leighton beats up Mariah and caused her to become addicted to opiates, all allegations which Leighton adamantly denies.

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Mariah says her mother is “controlling” and “manipulative,” and claims Julianne likes to blame Leighton for “pretty much everything” that goes wrong. “She blames Leighton for me being addicted to opiates. The first time I wanted to use a needle I couldn’t find my veins and so Leighton helped me.”

“We’re at each other’s throats,” says Mariah, admitting her relationship with her mom is “volatile.” “Recently my mom’s put her hand up at my face and just kind of … shoves me. It took everything in me not to hit her back; but I knew if I did and the police came it would be me that was going to jail, not her.”

She says Julianne has threatened to “be done” with her if she continues to pursue a relationship with Leighton.

When she tells him how she thinks her life is going, why does Dr. Phil say Mariah isn’t being “straight” with him?

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