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Recently, Dr. Phil discovered some fascinating information regarding his family history. Now with the help of MyHeritage, his wife, Robin McGraw, is about to do the same.

“I can’t wait. I’m so excited,” says Robin.

“MyHeritage is the leading global service for family history, with over 100 million users worldwide,” says MyHeritage consultant Yvette Corporon, adding that the service empowers users to discover, preserve, and share their family histories.

Tracing Robin’s lineage back seven generations, the researchers at MyHertiage discovered a very long line of military service, including her 5x great-grandfather, James Edwin Jones, who served in the Revolutionary War.

“Oh my heavens!” exclaims Robin, adding, “It either means I come from a very long line of peacemakers, or a long line of those who will not back down from a good fight.”

“I truly believe that learning about your heritage and your family is so important because it’s part of what makes you – you,” says Dr. Phil, adding, “MyHeritage makes learning about your ancestors really easy.”

Watch the video above to learn Robin’s response to discovering more about her family history, including how her great-grandmother earned a living during the Great Depression and the shocking event from nearly 125 years ago that cost one family member his life.

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