CJ claims soon after they separated, his ex-wife, Kaylie, began exposing their then 11-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, to sexually explicit images and situations. Kaylie denies showing Gabrielle explicit photos but admits explaining to her that she was a “professional dominatrix.”

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CJ says Gabrielle was living with him at the time and although he thought his ex-wife’s activities were inappropriate, their daughter continued to do well in school. “She was a typical girl up until the second semester of her eighth-grade year,” he says.

Claiming Kaylie undermines him with their daughter, CJ claims her influence over Gabrielle caused the teenager to start spinning out of control. He claims his ex-wife began allowing her to drink, smoke marijuana, and have sex.

Kaylie admits, she condones her daughter’s behaviors.

Eventually, says CJ, he sent Gabrielle to live with her mother full time, with the hope that seeing how her mother lived would “Sort of snap her out of it, or wake her up and make her understand that, you know, things are better here.”

Does Kaylie claim their daughter is better off with her?

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TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior?

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