In a battle that this couple says has a man pitted against his wife’s mother for time with the person they both love, the woman caught in the middle says she’s exhausted over their tug-of-war.

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“This bickering – this fighting – it needs to stop,” says Nicole who admits she thinks her mother is overly dependent on her. “I sacrifice my time with Danny to be with my mom.”

Danny says his mother-in-law, Alana, monopolizes Nicole with “made up” ailments, incessant phone calls and constant demands on her time. He says the relationship between his wife and his mother-in-law is extreme and obsessive, and he claims things have only gotten worse since the couple’s daughter was born.

“Alana’s jealous of the baby and I think she’s trying to make Nicole pay more attention to her – and maybe take me out of the picture,” says Danny.

Alana says Danny is obsessed with the baby and competitive with her. She says it’s hard for her to get any time with her grandchild. “Danny wants his family all to himself.”

In the video above, Danny claims Alana often sabotages family outings with Nicole and their daughter, as well as his time alone with his wife. “Any time we have a date night you can bet Alana is either sick lost something – has a hang nail – anything to ruin our night.”


Nicole says after spending time with Alana, she often doesn’t get home until it’s time to put her daughter to bed. She says she thinks Danny resents the fact that he has been alone taking care of their daughter all day.

Danny says he loves taking care of their little girl. “But, I wish we could do it as a team. That’s why I married her.”
Danny says “I’m afraid my marriage will end in divorce because of my mother-in-law.” He wants Nicole to put up some boundaries with Alana.

Nicole says she won’t give up on her mom. “I refuse to cut my mother out of my life to save my marriage.”

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