Sonya’s adult children, Dustin, Nova, and Chance, claim she neglected them growing up, which she denies. Each has written a letter telling her what she missed in their lives after she allegedly abandoned them as teenagers, leaving then 18-year-old Dustin to care for his younger siblings.

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“Mom, over the years you’ve missed almost every important thing that has to do with me,” says Dustin.

WATCH ‘I’m A Liar. I’m An Adulterer. I Am A Thief,” Admits Woman Accused Of Neglecting And Abandoning Her Kids

Nova says, “You missed a lot, Sonya. And you missed watching me grow into the woman that I am.”

“The right to call yourself our mother was slaughtered by your selfishness,” says Chance.

“I was a terrible mother,” admits Sonya, who claims she loves her children and wants a relationship with them. Does she say she’s willing to do whatever it takes to earn their forgiveness?

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