Sandy claims her daughter, Katelyn, is an unfit mother who put her 20-month-old son in harm’s way. She claims she picked her grandson up from someone else’s care, and that’s when she found him to be suffering from a severe diaper rash, ear infection, and a horrible case of eczema.

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“I was in such shock. Puss was coming out, open sores, blisters, redness. He was a mess,” says Sandy, claiming Katelyn didn’t understand how serious the situation was.

Sandy says she and her husband, Ed, immediately called a lawyer. “He said, ‘This is definitely a case of neglect.’”

Sandy says that’s when she told Katelyn that she and Ed were going to file for guardianship and care for the child until “certain conditions” were met. “I told her ‘You have to have steady employment. You have to have a stable home. You have to have proper daycare, all of this to really show that you’ve made the right changes.’”

Katelyn denies that she’s an unfit parent. Why does she claim that her mother is trying to steal her son? Tune in to Thursday’s Dr. Phil.

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