Eighteen-year-old Emma insists she’s not addicted to marijuana. The teenager, whose parents say she has been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, says she smokes “weed” so that she can function normally.

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Her parents, Bill and Jen, claim Emma and her sister, Meredith, are both addicted to marijuana and smoke it several times a day. They also claim that the girls’ have been lying, stealing, fighting and causing chaos for years.

In part two of a two-part episode airing Thursday, Dr. Phil refers the girls to separate residential treatment facilities.

Under protest, Meredith, 16, is going to Center for Discovery.

When she’s offered a chance for help from Origins Behavioral HealthCare, Emma, who had already completed rehab for substance abuse over a year previously, tells her mother, “programs don’t help, dude,” and points out that at 18, she has the legal right to refuse treatment. “You can literally throw me in jail. I would sooner do that than go to rehab again.” Does she change her mind?

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