Rod Blanchard says he separated from his ex-wife, Dee Dee, shortly before their daughter, Gypsy, was born.

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Rod says that while they didn’t completely lose touch, as Dee Dee moved their daughter further and further away from home in Louisiana, his visits with her became scarcer and scarcer. At the same time, he says, Dee Dee would report to him that Gypsy was getting sicker, telling him she had Muscular Dystrophy, cancer, and more.

He claims he didn’t know his ex-wife had faked their daughter’s health issues until after Dee Dee was murdered in 2015.

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“I feel guilt,” he says. “If I was there for Gypsy more, she wouldn’t hesitate to call me and say ‘Daddy, this ain’t right.’”

Gypsy is currently serving a 10-year sentence in a Missouri correctional facility after pleading guilty to second-degree murder for her role in Dee Dee’s murder in June 2015.

“Just because you made a bad choice doesn’t mean that your life should be over. You’re gonna pay your debt in here, but then you should spend the rest of your life making up for it," Dr. Phil tells her in the conclusion of a two-part daytime exclusive airing Friday. 

She says she hopes to one day become a victims’ rights advocate. How does Dr. Phil say he’ll help her on her journey?

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