Even after serving seven months in jail before charges were dropped and he was released, Leslie Merritt Jr. has always maintained his innocence in the string of sniper shootings on a busy Arizona freeway.

Eleven shootings occurred in the Phoenix area over a 15-day stretch, and authorities claimed they had matched Merritt’s handgun to four of the shootings.

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But Merritt insists it couldn’t have been his gun that was involved in the shootings, because he wasn’t near the locations of the shootings.

“I was nowhere near any of the scenes [for the first three],” he tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive new interview airing Thursday.

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Additionally, Merritt says the gun wasn’t even in his possession for the fourth shooting, as, he says, it was at a local pawn shop.

“How could I still be shooting at cars?” Merritt questions. “How could I be responsible for any of them?”

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Watch the video above as Dr. Phil goes over the dates and locations of each of the shootings, and questions Merritt as to his whereabouts each time.