Uldouz Wallace says she became the victim of "revenge porn" when intimate photos and videos of her were posted on a website without her consent or knowledge. She says her iCloud account was hacked, and the perpetrator stole intimate photos and videos of her and her ex-boyfriend and posted them to a famous non-consensual dissemination site for all to see.
“This hacker was monitoring me and 99 other women that were all in the public eye,” Wallace says. “He had, over a two-year span, collected over 100 women’s private images, video, addresses, everything you could imagine, to, basically, destroy their privacy.”

In the video above, hear how Wallace says she found out that photos and videos of her were online – and how she reacted. And, hear what she says the repercussions were for her career.
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Leaked, Hacked, Posted and Intentionally Shamed,” hear from a woman who says two videos of her have been on a porn website for over a decade – and the effects have been devastating. And, a woman who says images were stolen from her and posted online and her mom share how they fought back and took down the website. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Woman Says Two Videos Of Her Have Been Posted To Porn Website For 12 Years Without Her Consent

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