Sue says that in 2019, her husband, Tim, was sent back to prison for a probation violation after she filed a police report and testified in court that he had struck her. More than three years later, Sue claims that it was all a lie, and Tim never laid a finger on her. She claims that, at the time, she was angry because she believed Tim was cheating on her.

“I wrote up a bogus statement that he had struck me and left bruises on my body,” says Sue. “During his violation of probation hearing, I testified and told my lies again. The judge sent him back to prison until 2024.”

Sue says she has been racked with guilt and went back to court to recant her testimony, but the judge didn’t buy her new story. She insists she is telling the truth now and willing to face the consequences of her actions to help get her husband out of prison.

Watch Monday’s episode, ‘“I Lied And Sent My Husband To Prison!”’ to find out what happens when Dr. Phil brings in The Behavior Panel to analyze Sue’s body language and behavior.

And later, Tim says he still loves Sue, but has he forgiven her? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil to find out!

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