Yvette says her 2-year-old son, TJ, is the most defiant of all her 5 children.

“He is the worst when it comes to eating. He will throw the food on the floor, he mashes it all up, he puts his juice in the food and it is crazy,” she exclaims.

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Yvette says she tried both threats and bribery to get the toddler to eat, but nothing worked until she tried a technique she saw online – then posted a video of it to Facebook where it went viral with over 100 million views.

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“I wish I could continue doing that, but I don’t think it would be good for his psyche,” she jokes about the video which features TJ watching Yvette punish a stuffed animal for refusing food that she offered.

Yvette says most of the comments she’s received from people who have seen the recording have been positive – but there’s been hate mail too.

What does Dr. Phil say about Yvette’s video?

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