Michelle Wilkins was seven months pregnant with her first child when she answered a seemingly innocent ad on Craigslist offering up free maternity clothes. She had no idea she was about to walk into her worst nightmare.

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Wilkins says when she arrived at the home of Dynel Lane on March 18, 2015, the 34-year-old also offered her baby clothes that she said were in the basement of her apartment.

“Intuitively, I had that sensation wash over me: I have everything I need. But for fear of being impolite, I decided to stay,” recalls Wilkins.

Wilkins says she followed Lane downstairs, at which point she says Lane brutally attacked her.

“She throws me to the bed, trying to suffocate me with a pillow, with her hands,” says Wilkins, who says she then remembers being hit over the head with a lava lamp. “I felt the liquid wash over me,” she says. “I kept saying, ‘Why, why are you doing this? Why?’”

Lane knocked Wilkins unconscious and cut her baby from her womb.

WATCH: Woman Attacked And Had Baby Cut From Womb Recalls Moment She Realized Her Baby Was Gone

In the video above, Wilkins explains why she told Lane that she loved her while she was attacking her.

After trial, the jury deliberated for close to seven hours before finding Dynel Lane guilty of attempted murder, unlawful termination of a pregnancy and assault. In April 2016, she was sentenced to 100 years in prison. 

Michelle’s inspiring story of survival airs Friday on Dr. Phil. Watch more here.

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