Susan says that the past 14 years of her life have not been easy. She says after her husband died by suicide, she was forced to raise her three children on her own. She says she’s made many sacrifices and given everything she had to her children.

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Her oldest daughter, Taylor, claims that’s not true. She claims her mom made her life a living hell. She claims they lived in houses filled with feces, garbage, dirty dishes and pantries that were empty. She also says they moved 16 times and were evicted from homes and lived in a homeless shelter.

Susan calls Taylor a liar and denies living in filth.

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Hear a statement from one of Susan’s family members about Susan's behavior, in the video above. And, Dr. Charles Sophy, a board-certified adult and child psychiatrist, medical director for the Department of Child and Family Services in Los Angeles and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, doesn’t mince words when he addresses Susan.

Does Susan admit any wrongdoing? See what happens on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil. And, Susan allows cameras in her home. What do they find? Check here to see where you can watch.

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