A Woman Claims Her Husband Tricked Her into Selling Him Their House for $10

Sherman claims his wife, Delphi, is addicted to kava and kratom teas, controversial yet legal drugs, as well as alcohol, Adderall and vaping, and her lifestyle is tearing them apart. Delphi is adamant she’s not addicted and says the only problem she has is her controlling husband, who she claims tricked her into signing their house over to him for $10. Sherman says he didn’t trick her but was concerned about his wife’s reckless spending and credit card debt and didn’t want to risk losing their house.
In the video above, Dr. Phil has a thought-provoking question for Delphi: "If you’re in such an altered state that someone can reason you out of a house, does that tell you that you ought to ease up on whatever it is [you're taking]?"

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