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Take Responsibility for Your Life | Dr. Phil

Take Responsibility for Your Life

Need a life makeover? Dr. Phil shows you how to behave your way to success:

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Formula for Success | Dr. Phil

Formula for Success

Do you have what it takes to get what you want? The winners in life know the rules of the game and have a plan. Whether you want to begin a new career, shed pounds or find the love of your life,...

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Dr. Phil's Ten Life Laws | Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil's Ten Life Laws

Your life can be dynamic! Put Dr. Phil's life laws to use and live by design.

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Why Do People Lie? | Dr. Phil

Why Do People Lie?

A lot of research has been done about lying, and the fact is that everybody lies. A recent survey revealed that men lie six times a day, and women lie three times a day. Some lies are small — what...

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Seven Steps to Reaching Your Goals | Dr. Phil

Seven Steps to Reaching Your Goals

Successfully executing any personal strategic plan for change requires that as you develop your plan, you effectively incorporate these seven steps for attaining each and every goal:

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Top Five Money Lessons to Teach Kids

Eliminating Your Negative Internal Dialogue

Your internal dialogue powerfully programs and shapes your self-concept. If you believe you are worthy and strong, you will live up to that truth. The following exercises will help to focus your...

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Personal Relationship Values | Dr. Phil

Personal Relationship Values

In relationships, just as in every other aspect of life, the spirit and attitude with which you do things is at least as important as your actual actions. Embrace and incorporate these powerful...

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