Did This Mom Kick Her 15-Year-Old Out of the House?

Courtney, 20, claims her mother, Beverly, is such a neat freak that she kicked Courtney out of the house when she was 15 for being too messy. But Beverly, who admits she likes to keep a neat and tidy house, says her daughter chose to move in with her father, Christopher, after she and Courtney got into an argument. “I got upset and said, ‘If you don’t want to be here, just go, just get out,’” she says. “Courtney heard, ‘Get out. Go away. Don’t come back.’”
Courtney says the decision came after her mother left her a two-page, typed note telling her that she was a “slob” and a “pig” for the mess she made at home, and her mother flipped out on her.
Beverly says the note indicated that Courtney was being placed on restriction. “She was not allowed to use the TV or the computer,” she says, adding that when she returned home, she found Courtney “watching TV, with her feet up on my desk, eating cheese and crackers.” Beverly admits the argument that ensued got out of control.
Watch the video above to hear Courtney tearfully describe the ways she claims her mother has damaged her self-esteem over the years. Plus, hear Beverly’s response.

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