2000th Show Web Exclusive Videos

Twelve seasons … one-and-a-half billion viewers … countless lives changed — Dr. Phil is celebrating the 2000th episode of the Dr. Phil show! You've seen many inspiring success stories on the show. Now, find out how some of your other favorite guests are doing in these DrPhil.com exclusive updates!  
Amanda's Second Chance
When Amanda T. first appeared on Dr. Phil, she and her good friend, also named Amanda, were addicted to drugs. They were rescued from the streets and transported to rehab.
See how Amanda T. is doing today!


Forgiveness and Healing
Butch reached out to Dr. Phil because he wanted to confront his father, Ulysses, for the first time in 33 years about why he shot and killed his mother.

Watch what happened after the show.

A Son Back on Track

Dr. Phil met Linda and Richard when he visited Simi Valley, California — a community once known as the safest city in America — where residents are now fighting a heroin epidemic that they say is crippling the town’s youth. Linda and Richard admitted they buried their heads in the sand when they first saw signs of their 24-year-old son, Steven’s, drug use, but they said they couldn't stop enabling him.
Find out how Steven is doing now.