Taking the Next Step: Virtual Chaos

Brad came to Dr. Phil for help because his hobby became an obsession. He was addicted to video gaming:

Brad shared a story about the night before his wedding when at 4:30 a.m., his father knocked on his door, wondering why his son was still awake when he had to be up in less than three hours. Brad, of course, was playing video games.

"I look at the pictures from the wedding and think, 'What a waste.' My life went out of control," said Brad. 


But the worst was yet to come. Brad said he built up nearly $24,000 in debt, lost his career and had been lying to and deceiving his wife because of his gaming. When it all became too overwhelming, Brad attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription sedatives.  

Brad gives an update since the show:

I came on the show to speak about my experience as a recovering computer game addict. I had nine months off gaming at that point, and I was excited to share my story for the benefit of others. Being on the Dr. Phil show helped me find my voice as an advocate and spokesperson on this important issue. Since being on the show, I have had the privilege of doing national television, radio and print media here in Canada, and even a program for BBC Radio in England!

Every day is a gift from God, and I am grateful that Dr. Phil allowed me to share my story with his audience. I pray that those who watched were blessed and encouraged.