Dad Who Drank And Did Drugs With Teen Daughter: 'I Felt Closer To Her Partying'

Lauren, 26, blames her parents, Laura and John, for giving her too much freedom as a teen, claiming her dad drank and did drugs with her, and her mom let her drop out of high school. Watch their story here.
Dr. Phil asks John in the video above, "Did you set up lines of cocaine with your daughter?"
"Yes," John responds.
"How old was she?" Dr. Phil asks.
"Probably 17," says Lauren.
"Under what theory do you as a father say, 'I'm going to drugs with my daughter'?" Dr. Phil probes.
John answers, "That was my way of being close with my daughter. I just felt closer to her partying and drinking and unfortunately, doing the drugs with her. That was my way of bonding ... Other than that, there was no other relationship between us."

How can this family move forward? Can they each leave a painful past behind? Watch more here. And on Wednesday, John admits a shocking secret.
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