Get Real Retreat



Fourteen strangers confront their personal demons in an intense three-day retreat with Dr. Phil. Are you faltering in your life? You may see yourself in one or more of these guests and get inspired to turn your life around!

"At times, it's intense, confrontational and emotional as I try to get these 14 people to get real about their lives for the first time," Dr. Phil says. "I want you at home to join me in this journey because we all experience pain, stress and pressure from the hard times in our lives. This is a journey in people's lives that will change yours."  


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Ron, 39
- On and off with Angie since high school; seriously dating the past four years.
- Has a 2-year-old daughter with Angie.
- "I am a full-blown alcoholic and have been for about six to seven years."
- Drinks 40 to 50 beers a day at his worst.
- Has had two DUIs.
- Drug tested once a week. If he fails, he'll go to jail for two years. 

Find out how Angie and Ron are doing now!

Angie, 35
- On and off with Ron since high school; seriously dating the past four years.
- Has a 2-year-old daughter with Ron.
- "I know I should've run four years ago as soon as I knew Ron had a problem, but we have an unspeakable bond, and I can't just give up on him."
- "Ron is my addiction."
- Enables Ron's drinking: Buys him beer, works two jobs to support him, pays his bills, drives him around, let him move in after he lost house.

What kind of legacy are they creating for their daughter?

Finding balance.

Paige, 40
- In love with a married man.
- After two years, her lover is still at home with his wife, promising he's going to get a divorce.
- "I so desperately need to live my life not as a secret."
- "Night after night, I cry myself to sleep, alone, wishing to be with him."
- Sleeps with lover's t-shirt on her pillow and has an intimate poster of them on the wall.
A life on hold.

Kathleen, 47
- Dislikes all black men because she was raped by one.
- "I really want to get over my fear of black men but I don't know how."
- Sleeps with loaded gun under her pillow every night.
- Claims she's not racist, has black women friends.
- Uses the N word.

Facing her fear.
Searching for a reason to live.

A child in charge.

Wade, 44
- Molested and raped by multiple people when he was a child.
- Calls childhood "a horror story."
- Never dealt with abuse, "Now I want to face it."
- Had affairs during marriage.
- Recently divorced, would give anything to get her back.

- Misguided into thinking he was a sex addict. 

Guilt, anger and shame.

A 9-Year-Old's Nightmare.

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Kaylee, 45
- Has three grown children. 
- "I am guilt-ridden because I physically abused my children throughout their entire childhood."
- Estranged from children for 15 years, starting to reconnect with daughter.
- "I hit my kids with my hands, belt, wire-handled fly swatter, board, broom. Not uncommon to leave bruises, welts, marks."
- "I chopped down the basement door with an ax to slap my son."
- Dislocated son's shoulder about five times " only took him to a doctor the first time. "I watched how they fixed it, then popped it back into place by myself."
- "I would throw things at the kids, like coffee mugs, that would leave big bumps, bruises and cuts on their bodies."

Sugar-coating the truth?

Nicole, 20
- "I'm obsessed with perfection. Everything has to be the best: my hair, teeth, clothing, skin, grades."
- Says she's terrified of relationships.
- Never had a boyfriend or been kissed. Never made it past a second date.
- "I don't want to get into a relationship unless it's going to be perfect and with the perfect guy."

Afraid of rejection.

Melissa, 28
- Father is the Happy Face Serial Killer, in prison for life.
- "My father's past is affecting me today. I want to learn to get past the pain and avoid pain for my kids."
- Father would tell her bizarre and explicit stories growing up about how to kill and get away with it; realized later it was not fiction.
- Saw father four years ago in prison.
- Doesn't know if she should keep father in her life or not.
- "It's confusing having a father who did horrible things because he's so normal."

A horrible family legacy.

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Kelly, 41
- Father committed suicide after confiding in her about affair.
- Blames herself because she withdrew from her father and didn't take his calls; then he killed himself.
- Father mentioned suicide once; she didn't think he was serious.
- Family doesn't talk about the suicide; she feels they blame her.

- She had to tell family about his secret affair. 
- Lives with guilt about his death every day.
- Angry at father; "I can't get past being pissed."

The burden of his secret.

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Jessica R., 23
- Struggled with weight her entire life.
- Had gastric bypass surgery and tummy tuck.
- Struggles with bulimia, diet pill addiction.
- Doesn't go out, except to the gym.
- "I'm addicted to hating myself."
- Quit job because "too fat for uniform."

Avoiding her life.

Feeling unworthy.

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Diona, 28
- Recently lost 90 pounds but still sees an unattractive woman; hates her body
- Will not eat a full plate of food.
- Refers to herself as "a road map (stretch marks) with massive hail damage (cellulite) and saggy breasts."
- Doesn't believe she will ever walk on the beach again; last time in bathing suit was at 14.
- Feels she should settle for any man who would have her because of what's under her clothes.

- Molested at 8 by 15-year-old girl.

Uncomfortable in her own skin.

A horrifying sleepover.

Jessica F., 25
- "I'm the most controlling person in the entire world."
- Grew up an only child.
- Believes no one will marry her because of her controlling ways.
- "I like to control guys. I think it's cute."
- Controls boyfriend of two years: doesn't let him watch football, takes his money, won't talk to him for days if he puts forks in the dishwasher wrong, withholds sex until she gets her way.
- "I notice the way I am makes me grouchy all the time. I get upset over the littlest things, get into a horrible mood and my entire day is completely ruined."

Illusion of control.

Don, 45
- Recently clean for over a year after 25 years of drug addiction: cocaine, marijuana and meth.
- Still has guilt, depression and anxiety; depression is increasing.
- Says when using he "was the biggest loser and sleaze."
- Trying to come to terms with recent discovery that a child he was court-ordered to financially support for eight years is not his.
- In debt because of child support.

A dark side.

Find out how Don is doing now!

Carina, 27
- "I have a lot of hatred in my heart and I don't want it there, and I get very angry and out of control."
- Claims physically abused by stepdad from age 10 through adulthood; he's the reason she's aggressive, violent and abusive.
- "I have a lot of hatred toward men."
- Has been physically violent with loved ones.
- Very impatient and easily irritated.
- Has tried many drugs.

Meeting pain with pain.

A violent household.

Waiting for an apology.