Special Thanks


Many of the amazing products you saw on this show were provided by companies that were started by or predominantly run by women. The Dr. Phil show thanks the following for their support in making women look and feel their best:




The Disneyland Resort is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Come be a part of the biggest party in Disney history with amazing new attractions, spectacular shows and fantastic parades!



Samsung e635 Camera Phone

Designed for on-the-go consumers, the e635 weighs a mere three ounces. With its sleek slider design and integrated camera, Samsung's e635 is perfect for tech-savvy, style conscious women. 


 Live Life Love Denim

Live Life Love Denim by Designer Karl Kani strives for women to be empowered with confidence by offering styles that are not only comfortable and sophisticated, but look great on all figures. "Live the Life U Love" is stamped into each pair of Live Life Love Denim as a reminder to live life to its fullest.

www.kanilife.com - Use the code "Dr. Phil" at checkout and get 25% off!

London Sole Classic Ballet Flats

London Sole Classic Ballet Flats by designer Jane Winkworth have become an enduring and timeless fashion classic as an ultra feminine flat shoe and a brilliant alternative to stilettos and sneakers.


Kashwére Robes

When a woman feels the sensuousness of Kashwére against her skin, she can't help but feel confident and good about herself. Wrap yourself in Kashwére's luxury today and let your dreams become reality!

www.kashwere.com - Click here to get 25% off!

MAXX NEW YORK and QVC Italian Suede and Leather Zip Top Cargo Bags

Cherie Christmas, owner and founder, has proven that even through adversity, a woman can become successful through hard work, determination and positive thinking. Combining her passion for design and fashion she has established MAXX NEW YORK as a leader in fashion handbags.

www.maxxnewyork.com - from Sept. 10 to Oct. 10, use the code "Dr. Phil" at checkout and get 20% off!


CARGO Cosmetics

CARGO Cosmetics offers a complete collection of professional cosmetics designed to encourage every woman to feel beautiful, to express herself, to create and to play.



New Balance 715 Training Shoes

New Balance is concentrating on women's needs with new women-only styles and new technology such as breathable mesh and shoes designed specifically to fit a woman's foot.


 Inspired Silver Rings

Inspired Silver is a woman-owned business and a premier online marketplace for the most elegant trend jewelry at affordable prices.

www.inspiredsilver.com - use the code "Dr. Phil" at checkout and get 15% off!



LIVE Jennifer Lopez Fragrance

Live for the moment! Here, now, forever. The fragrance of fluid energy.


Shania by Stetson

Beauty ... spirit ... independence ... They're the essence of Shania Twain and the soul of Stetson and they're captured in this irresistible new fragrance.



Dove Firming Body Wash, Lotion and Cream

Real women have real curves!



The lowest-priced, name brand T-shirts on earth!



 Bonnie Raitt

Her new CD "Souls Alike" hits stores on September 13!